Image11We carefully pick our fruit and vegetables from the farm and place them to cold storage immediately to ensure their freshness.

At the packing station the goods pass 3 stages of quality control: automatic machine sorting, manual sorting by women workers and another manual check when goods are packed in cartons.

The goods are transported only in reefer trucks or containers with cooling units (even for a short distance).

The full control over the process of production, sorting, packing and transportation allows us to ensure the system of traceability for our products and provide the best quality to our clients.


Fruits and vegetables intended for export are sorted and packed at the sorting stations certified by ONSSA (National Office for Food Safety) and EACCE (Organization for Autonomous Control and Coordination of Export).

 Sorting, calibration and packing   are  done according to international norms and  standards on the state -of-the-art equipment. 

Ensuring the best quality is the main principle of our work.

Most of our farms are located in the region of Agadir, close to packing stations and Agadir port from where the goods are usually shipped for export.